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A Small Criminal Charge Can Turn Into A Big Nightmare

Criminal Defense Delaware County, Pennsylvania (PA)


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William Ross Miller, 33, will be allowed to serve most of the sentence on furlough for work.

August 7, 2019

His attorney, Kevin Coyne, said Miller has “rounded a corner” and now works three jobs, has an apartment and vehicle, and is staying clean. “The thing that distinguishes him from a lot of my clients is that the guy has plans,” said Coyne. “He’s thinking about the future, not just next week or tomorrow.”

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While there is certainly an abundance of serious felony criminal charges handed down to offenders all across America every year, misdemeanor criminal charges far outnumber felonies. There are serious misdemeanors such as domestic assault and there are light misdemeanors such as trespassing, and thousands of possible crimes that fall in between. The list of possible misdemeanors is certainly too long to write.

Every day in America, many good people make mistakes they often immediately regret and find themselves charged with a misdemeanor. Additionally, there are many laws on the books that overreach and border on societal regulation, but whether we agree with them or not, the law is the law.If you’re charged with a misdemeanor, you’ll likely be surprised at the damage one simple charge can do to your life, your finances, and your future.

Police procedures are often invasive and sometimes put people in situations where it is their word against the arresting officer’s word, and as you might imagine it is not uncommon for the prosecution to try to sway a jury based on that. As a result, many people are charged, arrested, and sent to jail every year for crimes they did not commit. If you find yourself in this situation, you’re going to need a skilled criminal defense attorney on your side. In Woodlyn, PA, and across Pennsylvania in general, criminal laws are strict and it only takes one misdemeanor to severely impact your life. A conviction for a misdemeanor crime will stay on your record, and public records are easy to access. Many companies perform background checks, many landlords perform background checks, and all are influenced by what they find. What will they find on you? Do you want a simple scuffle at a bar to ruin your life? That criminal conviction could impact your ability to have the career you want, and possibly deny you the opportunity to rent an apartment from some landlords.

But aren’t there laws to protect against this kind of discrimination? It sounds reasonable right, because why should one tiny misdemeanor have such a grave impact on your life? However, the cold, hard truth is that people with criminal records are not a protected class under the Fair Housing Act, and as such you could find yourself being denied that apartment you wanted, in spite of your stable work history and excellent credit. Protect yourself, hire an experienced, intelligent, knowledgeable and savvy criminal defense attorney in Woodlyn, PA; win your case, and avoid the conviction that will hang over you like a rain cloud for a long time.

And what about that new job that you are super qualified for, will your one, small misdemeanor get in your way? The answer: quite possibly it will. While many states have enacted laws that specifically prohibit blanket bans on job applicants who have a criminal conviction, there is certainly no guarantee that every company will follow the state’s guidelines. If you’re fortunate to live in a state such as New York or a few others that have ruled specifically on this type of discrimination, you’ll benefit from protections that prohibit an applicant’s denial based on criminal record unless there is a clear and distinct relationship between the criminal offense and the job. But again, do you want to submit your application, have your interview, and hope that you’ll be treated fairly after the employer does the background search? No, you don’t want to take that risk. It’s incredibly difficult to prove that you were not hired because of your criminal offense, so regardless of any protections that might be in place, you’re fighting an uphill battle. Your best defense against this unfair discrimination is to simply never get convicted. And the way to do that is to make sure you hire the best criminal defense attorney in Delaware County, Pennsylvania (PA).

For over three decades, Kevin T Coyne, Esq. Attorney and Counselor at Law, has been defending clients in their criminal cases and winning. Attorney Coyne’s track record is outstanding, and he gives every client the kind of attention that makes them feel like family. As an Assistant Public Defender for the Delaware County Public Defender’s Office for almost a decade, Attorney Coyne has an advantage; he has an insider’s perspective on criminal cases and how prosecutors pursue convictions. He knows every play in their playbook and will work tirelessly to build a criminal defense strategy for you that is several steps ahead of the prosecution’s, ensuring you the best possible outcome. Don’t let a misdemeanor charge become a misdemeanor conviction, and have it bring your life to a halt. Hire Kevin T Coyne, Esq. Attorney and Counselor at Law as your criminal defense attorney in Woodlyn, PA and let us fight for you.

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“I consider him one of the most honest lawyers, and one of the best legal minds I have ever dealt with, which spans over three decades. A great and professional attorney!”

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